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Our Canal system

Our canal system encompasses nearly 48,000 acres. Beginning at our diversion gates on Minidoka Dam, water is flows approximately 13 miles via the Main Southside Canal to the 1st Lift Station in Declo, ID. The water is lifted 30 feet in elevation to form both the G Canal and the feeder canal for the 2nd Lift Station. At the 2nd Lift, the water is lifted 30 more feet in elevation to form both the H Canal and the feeder canal for the 3rd Lift Station. At 3rd Lift, the water is lifted the final 30 feet in elevation to form the J Canal. The Main Southside Canal as well as the G, H, and J canals are depicted on the main system map below in bold red. In total, the canal system is nearly 400 miles in length.

2015 water outlook

The Upper Snake River Basin's YTD precipitation totals and snow water equivalent (SNE) totals dropped during February due to unseasonably dry, warm weather. At the end of January, the SNE was 116%, but has since dropped to 101%.  Likewise, the year-to-date precipitation dropped from 104% of average to 91% over the same timeframe. The USBR Reservoir Teacup Diagram shows the system is filled to  79% of capacity. From the storage standpoint, we're in good shape heading into the irrigation season. We are targeting the 2nd week of April to have water available for irrigation. We may go a little earlier or later depending on weather conditions. Click the images below for the most up-to-date water forecasts and reports.