Leonard Beck honored for water leadership

Mr. Leonard Beck was recently recognized for decades of volunteer service at a retirement dinner held in his honor. Beck was a long-tenured director on the Burley Irrigation District Board of Directors, serving continuously since his election in 1988 until his retirement this month. In addition to his service with BID, he also served on other water-related groups including the Idaho Water Resource Board, the Surface Water Coalition, the Committee of Nine, and multiple committees of the Idaho Water Users Association. Beck is a fierce advocate and protector of the interests of surface water users. He played critical roles in landmark water rights policy efforts including the Snake River Basin Adjudication and the Nez Perce Agreement as well as numerous, less-public policy decisions that affect water rights accounting and efficient water use. At his retirement dinner, Beck was presented with a United States Flag and a State of Idaho flag by Rep. Scott Bedke (R), Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives. Both flags were flown over the Idaho Capitol Building on the Territorial Sesquicentennial in 2013. Beck was also inducted into the Idaho Water Hall of Fame by Mr. Norm Semanko, Executive Director of the Idaho Water Users Association.

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Our Canal system

Our canal system encompasses nearly 48,000 acres. Beginning at our diversion gates on Minidoka Dam, water is flows approximately 13 miles via the Main Southside Canal to the 1st Lift Station in Declo, ID. The water is lifted 30 feet in elevation to form both the G Canal and the feeder canal for the 2nd Lift Station. At the 2nd Lift, the water is lifted 30 more feet in elevation to form both the H Canal and the feeder canal for the 3rd Lift Station. At 3rd Lift, the water is lifted the final 30 feet in elevation to form the J Canal. The Main Southside Canal as well as the G, H, and J canals are depicted on the main system map below in bold red. In total, the canal system is nearly 400 miles in length.